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Version History

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.5.3 (2011.10.31)
  • Addressed an issue of sample text edit-box, fixed .
  • Deluxe version: Fixed a bug in database searching function.
  • Deluxe version: Improved plug-in font auto-activator process.

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.5 (2011.10.10)
  • Upgrade font activator plug-in to support latest Adobe products Indesign 5.5, Photoshop 5.1 and Illustrator 5.1.
  • Preview mode now supports multilines per sample string as an alternative to former one-line mode. To switch between the two methods is easily.
  • Rewrite repairing set function. Before there was a "Change Default Path" command simply to modify the set default path. Now the new "Repair/Rebuild Set" command would repair all fonts with incorrect path information recorded inside the set in the database, providing a set new default path and several additional search directories(optional).
  • Fix a bug that some postscript fonts not listed when previewing.
  • More fixes and improvements

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.2.2 (2009.10.28)
  • Test compatibility with Windows 7.
  • A few bug fixes and improvements

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.2 (2009.10.16)
  • Font auto activator plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® CS2, CS3,CS4.

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.1 (2009.8.12)
  • Font auto activator plug-in for Adobe® Indesign® CS2, CS3,CS4.

Standard vs. Deluxe 3.0 (2009.3.9)
  • Font auto activator plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop® 7.0, CS2, CS3,CS4.
  • Some improvements, enhancements and bug fixes in the past year.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.9.6 (2007.8.27-)
  • Vista User Account Control (UAC) compatible.
  • Program digitally signed with a Code Signing Certificate.
  • A few other improvements and bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.9.5 (2007.7.30 ~ 2007.8.9)
  • When saving sample images, font file title, in addition to font name, can be used as image file title.
  • Deluxe version: Fixes a bug that when add font from a font set to another, font path information are missed so that they could not be located in another set.
  • Deluxe version: Adds set name to database search results, previously program looked for matched font information only.
  • Deluxe version: Adds a function "Repair Font Path...". If in any case such as physical file moved around or set's default path changed, some font records has incorrect path information in database. Previously we have to manually reset the path information one by one or add it once more to get correct path recorded, now the application automate this kind of work. What we shall do is to specify a folder for it to scan.
    A few enhancements and bug fixes:(v2.9.5.2)
  • Changes default behaviour for double-clicking action on a font. Double-cliking will install, uninstall, unload, activate or deactivate the font depending on its current status and which tab/bar is present in the left pane.
  • Changes right mouse click context menu commands for "Browse" font list, no longer joins it to Explorer context menu as sometimes it takes much time to appear while most of them are unnecessary here.
  • Resolves an issue that when activate or temporarily load a OpenType or TrueType font, all font with the same family name flagged as loaded. Now the program can distinguish them.
  • Appends hyphen '-' in PostScript font names. Existing database will be automatically upgraded when running this version for first time.
  • Makes options on "Uninstall Font" dialog easier to understand for new user.
  • Fix a bug of wrong menu position when using multiple monitors and put the application window out of the first one.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2007.7.18)
  • Deluxe Version: Resolves an issue of incorrectly recording font item path to database when previewing them from sub-folders.
  • Explicitly adds context menu command "Explorer" to locate font in Windows Explorer. There is already a shortcut "Ctrl+R" implicitly doing the same thing.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.9 (2007.6.19)
  • Deluxe Version: Option available to automatically create child-sets for sub-folders when drag-and-drop a folder to "Font Set" section or clicking "Create a set" command on a folder browsed.
    A font cache database can be build simply by a few clicks with such automation support.
  • Saves font sample string preview output to image file. The following image formats available: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .png.
  • A few other improvements and bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.8.6 (2007.3.26)
  • Deluxe Version: A "Finder Box" added on top of the application window. That's a convenient way to search in font sets database.
  • Makes zoomed char window translucent.
  • Refines application menus.
  • A few other improvements and bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.8.2 (2007.2.14)
  • Improves print function, print preview available.
  • In the font preview pane, applies color to font mark icon telling if the font is already installed, loaded or not.
  • A few other improvements.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.8.1 (2006.11.4)
  • v2.8.1.0: Fixed a few bugs since v2.8.0.7 released.
  • v2.8.1.0: Adds a "Collapse/Expand" toolbar button to quickly hide/show all the tabs(Properties, Character Map, Kerning Pairs) on bottom right pane. Before we have to close the tabs one by one to make more room on right pane, now there is no need to do that any longer.
  • v2.8.1.1: Automatically creates non-existing folder specified to save uninstalled font files in Install/Uninstall font dialog.
  • v2.8.1.2: Deluxe version - Adds function to protect database file from damage by accident.
  • v2.8.1.5: fixes a bug that long type name caused an exception.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.11.2), (2006.11.3)
  • Increases startup speed, addresses an issue that updating installed font list took a longer time than it should be.
  • A few bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.10.26)
  • Accurate sample string preview - A charater in the sample string won't be displayed if font has no glyph for it.
  • In "Character Map" tab, add tooltips for character's HTML decimal code and name entity which can also be copied to pasted into other documents.
  • In Windows 98/Me, add support for Adobe Type Manager to preview and manage Type 1 fonts. And several bugs fixes that only occurred in this system.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.8 (2006.9.29)
  • Add function to copy character vector shape image to clipboard.
  • Add two optional column 'Font Type' and 'Status', support sort on them.
  • Deluxe Version: Enhances database structure and functionality. Cache full of font properties, no need to re-parse the font files when working on them.
  • Deluxe Version: 'Search Database' function available with simple text mode as well as advanced mode which provides more options including file size, creation date, weight or width class, number of kerning pairs, etc.
  • Deluxe Version: Add a menu command 'Current Database' to explicitly show current database file location.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.7.3 (2006.8.30)
  • Further tunes preview speed.
  • Deluxe Version: Resolves a few bugs occurring sometimes when set refreshs after information changed, or open another database.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.7.2 (2006.8.28)
  • Speeds up preview fonts which has big file size.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.7.1 (2006.8.24)
  • Supports temporarily loading and unloading a folder or selection of fonts.
  • Improves sample text preview experience: automatically expand to the maximum width for sample text; a 'hand grabber' appears when mouse clicks on preview area, this small tool helps dragging and moving the sample text around.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.8.11)
  • Fixed a font recognition bug introduced in v2.7.0.9.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.8.6)
    Updates for all Edition:
  • Adds method of selecting fonts in preview list by putting check mark box to the left of each item.
  • Adjusts preview toolbar buttons and adds a font size slider.
  • Resolves a font name recognition issue that a few CJK font names become messy.
  • Resolves the 'cannot find application' issue that when an FFR instance was hide into system tray, starting a new instance would just quit since there was one existed. Now it will bring the hide application to front.
  • Adds 'Delete file permanently' option when uninstall a font.
  • Several shortcuts added to make it faster: Ctrl+R(open windows explorer and locate current font file in it), Ctrl+W(close the front window), Ctrl+Q(quit application).
    Deluxe Version:
  • Adds support for activation/deactivation of individual or partial fonts within a set. Each set has a new column indicating the number of currently activated fonts.
  • Optimizes toolbar in 'Font Sets' tab/bar as well as in preview pane. A 'New Set' command is added to 'Add to Set' drop down menu
  • Adds option to 'remove the physical font files' as well when removing font records from set.
  • Shortcuts added to quickly acTivate(Ctrl+T)/Deactivate(Ctrl+D) selected set or font, depending on which part currently gets mouse or keyboard focus.
  • A few other improvements on set and font display, for example, two flag icon used for activated and inactivated fonts.
    Many thanks to Mr. Junming Hong, a professional designer, for his suggestions, time and efforts on beta testing, keeping me going forward.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.6.12)
  • Add a quick way to close a tab in the bottom right pane by double clicking on the tab name. Tabs available in this area include 'Property', 'Character Map' and 'Kerning Pair'.
  • Deluxe Version: A bug fix to deactivate activated font sets if Font Fitting Room was minimized to system tray when PC shuts down.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.6.2 (2006.5.28)
  • Enhanced font properties to include PANOSE and Metric Data in addition to general information.
    Properties contents can be saved to a text file.
  • 'Find' function added to search text in the font list.
  • More font properties added to be candidates for list columns.
    Before there were only two columns in each list, font name and file path. Now properties like 'Postscript Name', 'PANOSE', 'Kerning Pair','Manufacturer','File Size', etc. are all available for display and being sorted in each list.
    Dragging a column to reordering it is supported.
  • Add option to let the application automatically running as system start up.
  • Deluxe Version: Adds all sets to system tray icon menu, from there they could be quickly activated or deactivated without having to restore the whole application window.

Standard vs. Deluxe (2006.4.21)
  • Rewrite 'Kerning Pair' reading function to avoid system general protection (GP) fault on some font files. Now FFR reads and handles raw kerning pairs data for uninstalled fonts to achieve more accurate outputs as well as stability.
  • Deluxe Version: 2 bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.6.1 (2006.4.14)
  • Shortcuts added to easily copy/cut/move/delete files or folders in "Browse" tab/bar.
  • Right clicking on the file list of "Browse" tab/bar would pops up Windows Explorer context menu.
  • "Kerning Pairs" tab added to extend font's properties information .
  • Deluxe Version: Shortcuts added to easily copy files or folder between "Browse" and "Font Sets" tab/bar, to copy/move/delete font records across sets.
  • Deluxe Version: New/Open/Save operation supported for font set management database files.
  • A bug fix that in rare cases, after application starts, the preview area was unstable by accident.
  • A bug fix that text input in font size and sample text box couldn't exceed the box range.
  • And a few other enhancements and bug fixes.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.6 (2006.3.14)
  • Tab style layout added as an alternative to existed bar style layout. They can be freely switched back and forth.
  • New interface icons applied. Many thanks to Thibaud and Mark James (
  • Enhanced 'Browse' interface. A in-place explorer added, more navigation toolbar buttons added like bookmarks, back, forward, up.
  • Able to minimize to system tray.
  • Function added to check new update online periodically.
  • Deluxe Version: Enhanced 'Font Sets' interface greatly. All the set management functions are integrated into left pane, along with a few new features.
    The seperated dialog used in previous versions would no longer appear.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.2 (2005.12.29)
  • Integrates 'Properties' window to the bottom right pane, parallel to 'Character Map' tab.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.1 (2005.12.17)
  • Display full font name in the lists instead of family name.
  • A few minor improvements.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.0.1 (2005.11.30)
  • Improves print performance when printing uninstalled fonts to a non-postscript printer.

Standard vs. Deluxe 2.0 (2005.11.11)
  • Extends sample string box to the right of the window
  • Convert .ini setting file to Unicode format to save sample strings from different code pages.

Standard vs. Deluxe 1.9 (2005.10.27)
  • Enhanced install/uninstall function. More options added.
  • New feature to Deluxe version: A starter font set created to list all the fonts currently installed when program runs for the first time.

1.8 (2005.8.6)
  • Print function added
  • A few improvements to Deluxe version

Standard 1.6.2 vs. Deluxe 1.3.3 (2005.7.18)
  • a bug fix.

Standard 1.6 vs. Deluxe 1.3 (2005.7.12)
  • Supports preview of fonts in subfolders.
  • Deluxe version: Supports deletion of fonts from a set when previewing them in the right pane.

Standard 1.5.2 vs. Deluxe 1.2.1 (2005.5.30)
  • a bug fix.

Standard 1.5 vs. Deluxe 1.1.1 (2005.5.24)
  • Saves setting when exit application and restore them when restart. Add icons to menu items.
  • Initial Deluxe beta version released - font set manager impletmented. Many THANKS to Ravi for his wonderful suggestions!

Standard 1.2.1 (2005.3.29)
  • Saves setting when exit application and restore them when restart. Add icons to menu items.

Standard 1.0 (2005.2.9)
  • The first release of Font Fitting Room which included the basic features : preview of both installed and yet to be installed fonts of various types, unicode range character map, properties, sample text, display styles, install/uninstall, etc.
December 04, 2013 new!

Font Fitting Room 3.5.4 has been released.
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November 28, 2010

MCataloguer 3.1 has been released.
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